Heating & Cooling
Urell is proud to represent the finest manufacturers in the industry. (Please note we do not represent all manufacturers in all areas. For more information please contact us.)
AO Smith

  • AO Smith has delivered innovative hot water solutions to water heating over for over 70 years.
  • Sold exclusively by plumbing wholesalers and plumbing contractors, and mechanical's that service a variety of customers, industries with an unmatched selection of residential and commercial quality products that are cutting edge technology.
  • Largest variety of high efficiency products with the proven track record of reliability. AO Smith uses their patented Blue Diamond glass coating on its better series heaters.
  • The Cyclone Xi Modulating water symbolizes AO Smith clear leadership in the commercial market, Cyclone Xi combined with the iCOMM remote monitoring system will ensure many years of reliable, high efficient, cutting edge, and lowest operating ?cost product in the industry.


Burnham by U.S. Boilers

  • U.S. Boiler Company, manufacturer of quality hydronic-heating products, has introduced more new, high efficiency products over the last several years than any other company at any time in the history of hydronic heating! ENERGY STAR certified, gas-fired residential boilers....Alpine & K2


  • High? efficiency oil-fired three-pass, cast iron boilers, MPO and industry's only, three- pass, oil- fired steam boiler...MegaSteam


Burnham Commercial Boilers

  • Since 1873, Burnham Corporation, and now, Burnham LLC, doing business under the "Burnham Commercial", has produced steam and hot water boilers for commercial and industrial applications. When you specify the V9, V11, and MPC products, you can rest assured your boiler will be engineered and manufactured to the highest of standards of quality.


Circuit Solver

  • Circuit Solver by ThermOmega is the "silver bullet" for your domestic hot water (DHW) system. The new self actuating thermostatic balancing valve controls temperature and ensures hot water is delivered instantaneously to all faucets without the need for manual balancing



  • Lead in the manufacture and distribution of steel tanks for the storage of petroleum products since 1954. With ongoing research and development program, they are always searching for new ways to meet the needs of clients by offering innovative products and procedures. 
  • Five decades of collaboration and innovations has enabled Granby to acquired a solid reputation in the marketplace.
  • Steel Oil Tanks
  • Double Wall & Double Bottom Tanks
  • Capacities from 138 to 1000 gallons
  • Accessories



  • E-Circulators with integrated VFD drives and control options from 1/25hp to 30hp in cast iron, bronze, and stainless. Includes ALPHA, MAGNA3, TP-E, LM-E, and CR-E pumps.
  • Superbrute, small UP and UPS Versaflo multi speed wet rotor circulators to 3hp for maintenance free reliability and quiet, efficient operation.
  • CR multistage stainless steel pumps for flows to 600gpm and heads to 600psi.
  • MQ and CME+ pressure boosting systems for potable water systems.
  • Comfort PM Auto sets new standards for energy-efficient hot water recirculation in residential homes.


Grundfos Boosterpaq

•   Packaged water pressure booster systems

•   Integrated VFDs in Motors for Maximum Efficiency and Building Occupant Comfort and Safety

•    Maximum Reliability and Minimal Maintenance with Grundfos CR Multi-Stage Stainless Steel Pumps

•    Grundfos Innovation and Technology


Grundfos Paco Pumps

•    KP Series Split-Case Centrifugal Pumps to 12,500gpm

•    LF Series End-Suction Pumps to 6,000gpm

•    LC Series Close Coupled End-Suction Pumps to 4,000gpm

•    VL, VLS Vertical In-Line Pumps to 3,900gpm

•    VSM, VSMS Vertical Space Miser Pumps to 4,050gpm

•    GR, GS Condensate Return Systems

•    OLN, LN, OL Low NPSH Centrifugal Pumps



  • Sentinel offers water treatment products and services that provide the best lifetime protection for heating and hot water systems.
  • Sentinel X100 Inhibitor provides protection for clean hydronic heating systems against limescale and corrosion.
  • Sentinel X200 Noise Reducer is extremely effective solving a noisy heating system for "kettling" in hydronic boilers caused by limescale.
  • Sentinel X400  System Restorer is specifically designed for cleaning older closed loop hydronic heating systems.
  • Sentinel X500 Inhibited Antifreeze provides protection against limescale, corrosion, and freezing down to -20°F with a 50/50 mix.



•    High-Performance Air Separators from 3/4” to 36” line size.

•    Multi-pass dirt separators to 5 microns with nominal 1/2 ft head pressure drop.

•    Combination Air/Dirt Separators

•    Spirotop High-Reliability Air Vents


State Water Heaters

•    Residential Gas and Electric Water Heaters

•    Premier Power Venter and Premier Power Direct Vent High Efficiency models

•    Commercial Gas, Oil, Duel Fuel and Electric Water Heaters to 96% Efficient—Atmospheric, Induced Draft, and Sealed Combustion. ASME Available

•    On Demand Tankless Water Heaters

•    Storage Tanks, Pump Tanks, and Expansion Tanks. ASME available.


Takagi USA

•    For over 50 years, Takagi has been at the forefront of water heating technology; providing products with advanced features and components no one else can claim.
•    An innovation in on demand water heating.

•    Complete residential including PVC vented products as well as complete commercial offering in the industry.


Thermal Solutions- Commercial Boilers

  • A Leader in condensing high efficiency commercial boilers, Thermal Solutions offers a wide array of product sizes to meet every condensing application with certified third-party thermal efficiencies up to 97%. The Apex condensing stainless steel gas-fired hot water boiler offers a company design with an advanced control system to optimize performance in a small footprint. The Arctic condensing stainless steel gas-fired hot water boiler combines the very  best attributes of both watertube and firetube designs while minimizing pump requirements. There are no welds in the stainless steel heat exchanger, therefor minimizing the potential for leakage. The only repairable condensing boiler in the market!


Uponor (formerly Wirsbo)

  • Radiant Floor Cooling/Heating, Snowmelt, and Hydronic Distribution Systems including Wirsbo hePEX, manifolds, fittings, and controls.
  • AquaSafe 13D Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • AquaPEX Uponor Logic Plumbing Systems, Pre-insulated, and straight lengths.
  • Large Diameter Pex up to 4", ProPEX and EP Fitting connections up to 2", Wipex up to 4""


Uponor Ecoflex

  •  Pre-Insulated PEX and hePEX tubing suitable for direct burial with heavy-Duty corrugated HDPE jacket and flexible closed cell insulation. ASTM sizes to 4". For potable, heating, and chilled water distribution.



•    Sump, Sewage, and Effluent Submersible Pumps to 100hp

•    Vortex, Non-Clog, Grinder Configurations

•    Industry-Leading Selection on Explosion Proof Submersibles

•    Full line of Control, Accesory, and Basin Options

•    Pre-Fab Options for minimal assembly on-site

•    Specialty Pump Systems Including Battery Back Ups, Quik Jon, Ultimate, Oil Smart System, Transfer Pumps, Contractor Pumps, Clean-Up Pumps, Pedestal Pumps, etc..

•    On-Site Effluent Treatment Solutions and Accessories