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For nearly a century, Ward Manufacturing, LLC (“Ward”) has been a prominent manufacturer of malleable and cast iron piping components. Since 1924, Ward has been producing a wide variety of fittings in Blossburg, PA that have been used in thousands of installations worldwide.

Our product portfolio began with cast iron steam and drainage fittings, as well as cast iron plugs and bushings, and has since expanded to include malleable iron pipe unions, Class 300 malleable fittings, brass-to-brass seated unions, WARDLOX™, TEELOX™, pipe nipples, steel couplings, and one of our most well-known product lines – WARDFlex®/WARDFlexMAX®.

All three of our manufacturing facilities (located in Blossburg, PA, Lawrenceville, PA, and West Allis, WI) are committed to producing high-quality products to help meet the needs of our customers.

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