WARDFlex / WARDFlexMAX Product Line

Ward Manufacturing, LLC (“Ward”) first began producing WARDFlex® corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) in 1990 in Lawrenceville, PA where its facilities remain today.

WARDFlex® revolutionized the gas plumbing and piping industry with its time and cost-saving solutions, flexibility, continuous run coils, and double-annealing. It goes through an extensive testing process using helium and vacuum technology to ensure that even the smallest leaks are caught and repaired before products leave our manufacturing plant. The only difference between our WARDFlex® and WARDFlexMAX® piping is the coating on the outside of the tubing. The black coating on WARDFlexMAX® is conductive and disperses the electrical energy induced on the tubing when an arc occurs between the CSST and another metallic system.

All of the fittings found in our WARDFlex® and WARDFlexMAX® catalog are made specifically for use with our CSST to help ensure the tightest fit upon installation.

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